GLOW CRAZY: 2022 Father-Daughter Dance


Father-Daughter Dance returns to Pell City on March 12

Tickets also available at Metro Bank and at Pell City Coffee Company

The event is truly magical — a ball like none other in the area held to honor the princesses of Pell City and beyond. On the arm of their Prince Charming, each one flew around the dance floor in a sequined trail, pausing only to laugh, smile and delight in their date.

Their dads, of course.

Now in its seventh year, the Father Daughter Dance returns to Pell City in March 2022. Hosted by Pell City Rotary Club, this year’s “GLOW CRAZY” dance promises to delight couples (or trios and beyond). Tickets are now on sale at, and at locations around town.

“For dads who didn’t attend the last four years, you can expect tons of fun and a huge smile on your daughter’s face,” said Meg Clements, a local attorney and one of the founders of the Dance. “The girls will be entertained even if they have never been to a dance before.”

Clements said the 2022 event, a family-friendly activity for children ages 2 to 14, is the kind of experience that creates lifelong memories and builds bonds between fathers and daughters. This year’s dance is scheduled for March 12 at 5 p.m. and will feature a spacious dance floor at Pell City High School, two photographers and party favors for the attendees.

“Men who bring their children to this event are also able to teach a girl how they should be treated and what to expect from relationships later in life, and that is so important,” Clements said, remembering it was something she learned from her father, former Pell City City Council member Gaston Williamson, who took her onto dance floors when she was growing up.

For those who contributed time and effort to the dance in past years, Clements said they also made memories while watching daughters receive their tiaras as they walked through the door, boasting giant grins as they saw the ballroom for the first time.

“Another highlight was when the girls were able to slow dance with their date or dad,” Clements added. “It was so sweet because even those shy men couldn’t turn down a slow dance!”

Space is limited, so buy your tickets now. Tickets are $25 per couple or $30 at the door ($10 for each additional child) and include music, finger foods, party favors and photographs. They can be purchased at Metro Bank in Pell City, Pell City Coffee Company, online at, or by contacting Clements at (205) 812-5187.

Proceeds from the event support the Pell City Rotary Foundation, which provides numerous community grants each year to organizations such as The Children’s Place, Pell City School System, Lakeside Hospice, Pell City Police Department and many more.

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